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Join author and cultural historian Robert Rubright, as he chats with restaurateurs from breakfast joints, lunch spots and a handful of diners in and around St. Louis. Instead of the traditional show on culinary fare, Rubright concentrates on lore and stories that encase a restaurant and shape its unique persona. Check out Bob’s latest book, Breakfast, Lunch and Diner on

1 - Rob Hertel

Rob Hertel, Professor of Hospitality Studies at St. Louis Community College at Forest Park discusses a variety of issues regarding the food service industry. A former hospitality executive, Rob is a Fellow of the American Academy of Chefs.

2 - Dan Badock

Bob Rubright discusses old world ambiance and food specialty items with Dan Badock, co-owner of Soulard's Restaurant and Bar, one of South St. Louis' oldest and best established restaurants.

3 - Araceli Kopiloff

Araceli Kopiloff, founder of Rue Lafayette, French Cafe and Boutique, discusses the renovation and ambiance of Rue Lafayette.

4 - Adam Kustra

Adam Kustra, founder of The U Restaurant talks about the evolution of The U as well as its unique menu items.

5 - Chris Saracino

Chris Saracino of Chris&apos Pancakes and Dining discusses the role of the regular customer and his philosophy for longevity in the restaurant business.

6 - Karen Duffy

Karen Duffy, founder of Duffs Restaurant in St. Louis shares her personal observations and behind-the-scenes customer anecdotes.